The Sveta Katarina Project

On the northern side of the Pula bay, which is well protected from waves and winds, on a location that provides a view of the entire Pula port, the Island of Sveta Katarina and the Monumenti bay have the ideal predispositions for the development of nautical tourism.

In accordance with the general development plan of the city of Pula, Kermas obtained concession to develop two nautical ports (on the Island of Sv. Katarina and in the area of the former quarry), using a part of the maritime domain on the area of a former military complex.

The favourable position and the excellent transport connections give this location a great potential for development and recognition in the wider city area. The area is also very appealing for the development of activities complementary to nautical tourism, as well as for the housing of public and social facilities for the needs of local residents and visitors of the City of Pula alike.

The wider area of the City of Pula, Croatia and all Adriatic region, lack nautical capacities of the highest category with accompanying public, commercial, entertainment and sports or recreational facilities.

The former military complex on the Island of Sveta Katarina was developed for the purposes of the Austro-Hungarian defence system of the City of Pula and further extended during the Italian rule, including a 250 m long bridge connecting the island with the mainland. Today, the area is declared an object of cultural heritage, and Kermas Istra plans to restore it to its old glory by investing in the development of a marina with a rich offering of additional services that will meet the needs of the most demanding nautical tourists. It is planned to construct a marina with the total capacity of 500 sea berths and 400 berths on land.