Just like the landscape of Istria, in which fertile valleys, green hills and steep mountain cliffs intertwine, the Istrian gastronomy abounds in diversity and a rich offering. The skilfully combined influences of different cultures with various traditional folk cuisines based on wild growing plants, aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables and seafood - will impress even the most demanding of palates.

Istrian cuisine flutters - in a single moment you can experience both its Mediterranean and continental aspects; it changes with the seasons, and no matter in which season of the year you taste it - it always leaves an intense and powerful impression and fills you with enthusiasm through its polyphony of flavours and scents. In the spring it will amaze you with wild asparagus, during the summer it will offer you delicacies from the sea, and in the autumn it will amaze you with its first-rate delicacy - her majesty, the truffle.

Local Delicacies

Prosciutto from the indigenous Istrian cattle breed BoŇ°karin, handmade pasta in venison sauce, cod brandade, scallops, crabs, traditional Istrian pasta, Istrian bouillabaisse - are only some of the dishes that are an inevitable part of the Istrian menu, along with the must-have sheep cheese and Istrian prosciutto.

Also part of the offering is the so-called "Istrian soup", a specialty that perfectly combines the three bases of Mediterranean life - wine, bread and the liquid Istrian gold - olive oil. The bread is for the body, and the wine is for the soul - an old saying goes, which is why for the pleasure to be complete the tasty bites must be combined with high-quality local wine. The famous Malvasia is the most represented wine type in Istria, but oenophiles can also experience divine pleasure by tasting the perfumed Muscat, the ruby red Teran, Merlot, Pinot blanc and Pinto gris, Chardonnay, Borgonja, Hrvatica, Cabernet Sauvignon, and numerous other top-grade Istrian wines. To discover the true magic of the tastes and scents of Istria, certainly the best recommendation is to visit the numerous wine roads and olive oil ways, which will instigate hedonist spirit in every visitor in an environment of the prestine nature.