About Kermas Istra

The company Kermas Istra, part of the international investment corporation Kermas, is dedicated to the development of tourism real estate in Croatia. Portefolio includes a luxury tourism resort with a golf course and contemporary marina on the Adriatic coast opposite of the Brijuni islands, numerous agro-tourist residential villas in the rural parts of Istria and more than 80 land plots on the coast or inside Istria. Planned developments will be worth more than billion euros.

With the implementation of these projects, we wish to contribute to the development of a year-round tourist offering in Istria and to raise the competitive edge of the entire region. Combination of the global experience and local knowledge, as well as top-level creative, technical and managerial expertise of the Kermas Istra team, ensures superior projects with innovative design and lasting quality.

Kermas Group

The Kermas Group ( www.kermas.com ) is an international investment corporation that manages its own assets in 11 countries of the world. Since its establishment, the corporation has primarily been oriented towards mining, but, with investments in new activities and new fields, it has successfully diversified its portfolio and capitalised its resources, additionally strengthening its presence on the world market. In recent years, the group made significant investments in renewable energy sources, the real estate sector, marinas, banking and shipbuilding. In all the sectors it does business in, both on the existing and the new markets, the group aspires to raise the level of its service to the highest standards. It reaches this goal by continuously improving the quality and diversity of its’ assets and especially by stimulating the professional development of its employees.

Vision and Philosophy

Kermas Istra intends to develop high quality real estate designed in accord with the environment. In the consideration of each project, we dedicate particular attention to both the attractiveness and functionality, giving special care to the smallest of details. We wish to offer a potential for profound joy of living.